Why You Should Use Large-Format 3D-Printing Services

Large-format 3D printing specialist.

When it comes to large-format 3D printing, the equipment costs between $50,000 and $500,000, and this does not include maintenance, repair, training, or materials. Considering the financial investment and the technological risks that represent large-format additive manufacturing, it is recommended to seek the services of a professional for the development of large-sized parts, to optimize your time and budget. Discover the benefits of using large-format, 3D-printing services.


The Advantages of Using Large-Format 3D-printing Services 

Large-format additive manufacturing has its share of challenges, from the modelling stage to part certification, including the choice of materials, processes, and finishing steps. Find out why it can be beneficial to use 3D printing services for large-format part production.

A Team of Experts Available for You

At Solaxis, we have an extensive line of industrial 3D printers. In addition to the fact that our engineers know how to use different technologies to their full potential, their in-depth knowledge of additive manufacturing allows them to direct you to the best solution in terms of technology, material, and post-processing, all according to the dimensions of the part to be produced and its mechanical/physical requirements.

Moreover, always attentive, we validate your needs and expectations throughout the development process to achieve your high-quality requirements. During this time, you have the freedom to focus your efforts on other important tasks.


Access to a Large Printing Envelope

Our equipment allows us to 3D print parts characterized by a volume of up to one cubic meter (1 m3).

Whether you use it for the production of functional prototypes, end-use parts, or specialized tooling, using large-format, 3D-printing services allows you to get your parts in full size, in one piece, and saves you time. Printing large parts in a single section eliminates the assembly process and optimizes strength and durability. Indeed, industrial 3D printing services guarantee the achievement of your physical and mechanical requirements.

Assembly Capacity for Very Large-format Parts

At Solaxis, we have developed sophisticated assembly techniques for parts exceeding the dimensions of the printing envelope, that is, greater than 1 m3. These techniques make it possible to obtain finished products of very large format, of excellent quality, and that are robust and durable:

  • Adaptation of your CAD models for assemblies without visible joints

  • Addition of interlocking and positioning systems

  • Various hot welding techniques

  • Installation of components using mechanical or adhesive fastening

  • Dimensional inspection to verify the conformity of the assemblies

Large-format 3D printing expert.

Vast Array of 3D Printing Materials

At Solaxis, we offer a wide range of thermoplastics for industrial 3D printing of large format. The use of advanced materials, for example, PEKK or nylon reinforced with carbon fiber, makes it possible to design high-performance parts that meet rigorous mechanical requirements and with resistance to very high temperatures. If you have requirements beyond your in-house 3D printing capabilities, we could assist you.

Fast Execution

 Additive manufacturing services not only have large format 3D printers, but also solid expertise. Therefore, all you have to do is provide us with your 3D files, and we will take care of analyzing and printing your parts as soon as possible. Seeking the services of a professional gives you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on your main business activities; a significant advantage in a context of labour shortage where it can be difficult to meet demand.

Overflow Management

If your production capacity is full or if you have sporadic "peaks" of high demand, our large-format, 3D-printing service is there to help you. Do not turn down new contracts because of your manufacturing capacity, let Solaxis lighten your workload, so you can continue to grow your business.

Competitive Prices

Our engineering team provides you with free and detailed quotes with no obligations, including an enlightened project analysis, which allows you to assess the costs and benefits of your project in complete transparency.



Frequently Asked Questions About Large-Format 3D Printing Services

We answer the most common questions about our large-format 3D printing services to help you make an informed choice.

What are the Maximum Part Sizes That You Can Produce with Large-format 3D Printing (Without Assembly)?

At Solaxis, we have an extensive line of printers to meet the demand. Here are the details of the printers characterized by a large manufacturing envelope.


Large Format FFF

Large Format FDM

Medium-Large Format SLS

Maximum printing envelope dimensions

40 x 40 x 40 in.

1015 x 1015 x 1015 mm

36 x 24 x 36 in.

914 x 610 x 914 mm

15 x 15 x 16 in.

381 x 381 x 406 mm

Number of printers




Is There a Limit to the Size You Can Print?

By their dimensions, 3D printers do have a limit in terms of the size of the manufactured parts. However, to overcome this limitation, it is possible to split a design file and produce it in several parts. Thus, we can print several components that we can assemble later. All you have to do is tell us your dimensional needs and we will discuss the possibilities!

In What Sectors of Activity Is It Relevant to Use Large-format 3D Printing?

Solaxis offers large-format, 3D-printing services in several sectors of activity.



Consumer goods





Ground transportation



Low-volume series

End-use parts

Functional prototypes

Specialized tooling

Do You Offer Shipping?

For large-format parts, we generally ask our customers to send their carriers of choice to our factory for pickup. If necessary, we can plan oversized shipments on pallets, for example.

What Is Your Lead Time?

Our standard lead time is approximately one week. For more complex projects, it may take longer. It all depends on the part size, the quantity, the number of components, and the level of finish required.

We are known for being very flexible and proactive. If your project is urgent, we will evaluate what can be done on our part. We will always give you a clear picture thanks to our precise production management system. We never make false promises.

What Do I Need to Start?

We will need a 3D model or CAD file to allow our engineering team to perform the analysis. If your files are not final, we can still provide you with a budget estimate. Send us your files with dimensions and any important details: application type, quantity, material, finish, etc. The more details we have about the project, the better our understanding will be, and the better we can help you.


In short, using the services of a professional for large-format additive manufacturing offers many advantages. In fact, in addition to saving you the purchase of expensive technology, it takes away the worry about all the considerations relating to the choice of materials, processes and, implicitly, obtaining the required quality. We take care of everything, while you focus on activities related to the growth of your business.

Would you like to request the services of a professional in large-format, 3D printing? Send us your project information today.



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