Last April, Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing added a new material to its product range: Nylon 6. This is one more on the list of high-performance thermoplastics offered by Solaxis, specialized in additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing) by FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling).

BikeStand Nylon6


FDM Nylon 6 combines strength and toughness superior to other FDM thermoplastics. It is ideal for applications that require strong, customized parts and tooling that lasts longer and withstands rigorous functional testing.

This material, popular for manufacturing, is performing in the production of durable parts with a clean finish and high break resistance. FDM Nylon 6 is ideal for product manufacturers and development engineers in all industries: aerospace, defence and security, ground transportation, industrial sectors, etc.

This addition meets the vision of Solaxis, which is to offer unparalleled expertise in FDM technology and to remain the reference in its sector. Solaxis may also add other materials to its product range over the next year. This will allow the company to meet the growing demand in the additive manufacturing sector, as well as to meet the varied needs and specific requirements of its customers.


Some technical data of FDM Nylon 6Nylon 6

 Rigidity :

  • Flexural strength : 14 100 psi (XZ axis)
  • Flexural modulus : 318 500 psi (XZ axis)


Heat resistance :

  • Heat Deflection (HDT) at 264 psi : 199 F / 93 C
  • High thermal resistance compared to Nylon 12


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