A material reinforced with carbon fiber now available at Solaxis.


Last October, Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing added a new material to its product range: Nylon 12CF (carbon-filled).

Nylon 12CF is a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic with excellent structural characteristics that meet the demanding needs of the production environment. This thermoplastic is one of the strongest of all materials offered with FDM technology.

With Nylon 12CF you can build high-performance prototypes, that stand up to the rigorous testing required of production parts during the design verification process, and also for some end-use parts. Its high strength, stiffness and light weight properties make this material ideal for replacement of metal tooling for various applications. It has the highest flexural strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio of any of FDM materials.

3D printing with carbon fiber material lets you build strong, stiff, lightweight parts and tooling.

This material is available in large format, in an envelope of 3 x 2 x 3 feet.


Contact us today to learn how you can use this material for your unique applications.


Some technical data of Nylon 12CFNylon 6

 Rigidity :

  • Flexural strength : 20 660 psi (XZ axis)
  • Flexural modulus : 1.5 Msi (XZ axis)
  • Tensile modulus : 1.1 Msi (XZ axis)

Heat resistance :

  • Heat Deflection (HDT) at 264 psi : 289 F / 143 C
  • High thermal resistance compared to Nylon 12

Other :

  • Specific gravity : 1.15


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